Hello, world!

Every great journey begins with a single step.

Every great journey begins with a single step.

This was my primary school’s slogan as far back as I can remember. Now… do I think starting a blog is a “great journey”? No. But, I think there’s a chance it could be a useful tool for me in progressing my knowledge and ability to convey stuff to people, which are both very useful tools to me (and skills I’m very much lacking).

So hi, this is me, starting to blog.

Now, what am I going to be writing about in this blog? No clue. Probably techy stuff, probably the occasional post about gaming or music, and the odd one or two political messages because I’m a zoomer, goddammit.

Hopefully this gets me to write about stuff more, and encourages me to research stuff and report my findings/struggles/tricks with different things.

Not gonna commit to a post cadence right now, but hopefully it’ll be… more than once a year.

Stay tuned if you want to :)